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Our Message from the creator

"ENAS is an "Idea".

Facebook deleted me 4 times. Soooooo I built ENAS and the great team behind her!

If you need to ask why join ENAS. Well here is the #1 reason. They delete your post, we will not. Best part, Patriots built ENAS!

ENAS is the world's first true public forum. We believe in truth and sometimes truth is a so called Conspiracy. You be the judge. God gave you all brains. Here at ENAS we expect you to use it.

Rules are simple. No porn, especially no child porn, no sex trafficking, no bullying kids, no harassment, no terroristic threats, no threats to do bodily harm. Yes breast feeding is ok. Obey your local laws.

We believe open communication is key to a healthy community. We need to learn how to get along again without censorship of any one side. I believe we will find that most of us are all on the same side because some people like the media are hiding the truth.

ENAS has No algo, No manipulation. ENAS is all our thoughts and feelings completely uncensored. The truth will be seen on how the world truly feels as ENAS (ONE).

Users have full control to block people,, posts,, and any language text. If you are offended, well adjust your settings and stop crying about it.

This is an 18+ website. We are all adults here. Go to Facebook if you wanna be a brainwashed spoiled child. If you wanna wear a mask and get a vaccine? Great! That is your choice.

Here at ENAS users also have a choice, a choice to be heard and not silenced. Here we believe in Freedom of Speech for the World!

We will no longer be silenced!!!"

Dale Hardy

Our Service

The Service allows you to discover, watch and share videos and other content, provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe, and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small. We provide lots of information about our products and how to use them in our Help Center. Among other things, ENAS Global Partner Program and ENAS Life Paid Memberships and Purchases (where available).

Your Service Provider

The entity providing the Service is ENAS Global LLC, a company operating under the laws of Texas, located at 4102 S New Braunfels Ave, STE 110-211, San Antonio TX 78223 (referred to as “ENAS Life”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). References to ENAS Life’s “Affiliates” in these terms means the other companies within the ENAS Global LLC corporate group (now or in the future).

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